COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement
(last updated 06/04/2021)

Walk-ins are available for all three vaccine manufacturers. Please bring ID and Insurance if available. Vaccine is fully covered with or without insurance. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

***Moderna Vaccine Available for 18yrs and older***. Schedule a Moderna vaccine appointment by using the state scheduling platform MyTurn and follow the prompts. Call the pharmacy if you need assistance scheduling.

***Janssen (J&J) Vaccine Available for 18yrs and older ***. Schedule a J&J Vaccine appointment by using the state scheduling platform MyTurn and follow the prompts. Call the pharmacy if you need assistance scheduling.

***Pfizer Vaccine Available for 12yrs and older***. Schedule a Pfizer Vaccine Appointment by using the state scheduling platform MyTurn (Pfizer scheduler should be available to start using around June 6). Call the pharmacy if you need assistance scheduling.

***Please speak to a pharmacy staff member if you or someone you know has been having trouble getting vaccinated due to being homebound or has another circumstance that prevents vaccination at a vaccine location.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test is now available. Click Here to Schedule. We will have results approximately 15-20 minutes after we collect the sample via mid-nasal swab. Click above to check pricing and to schedule an appointment.

Thank you. will continue to keep the pharmacy open in accordance with federal, state, and local health wellness guidelines. We encourage our customers to avoid coming into the pharmacy to reduce human to human contact and help further protect against the spread of this contagious virus. In the event that you need to come to the pharmacy, call us when you arrive in the parking lot so we can make arrangements for curbside service. Avoid handwritten prescriptions. Most of local providers are able to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy, by fax or over the phone. We will continue our free routine delivery service; however, our delivery volume will be much higher; we ask that you be available to answer the door promptly when the driver arrives. Thank you for your cooperation.

To safeguard you, your family, and the communities we serve, Inland Pharmacy is practicing safety measures such as frequently sanitizing work environments, using gloves and mask, routine hand washing, taking temperatures of all working staff, staying home if any team member is experiencing any flu-like symptoms and the deployment of medical grade HEPA air filtration in the pharmacy. During this time, although all pharmacy services will continue to be offered, you may experience a slow-down in the delivery of the services from which you are accustomed. We request your patience.

Inland Pharmacy is prepared to stay open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic during our normal business hours in order to continue providing care to our patients. We are taking precautionary measures to help combat the spread of the virus and we ask that you help us by staying at home if you have any flu-like illness, fever, or have had exposure to anyone who has.

Please remember to wash your hands frequently and limit contact with others to prevent contamination.
For more information on COVID-19 https://www.cdc.gov/

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