We follow the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) from the CDC, can find out what immunizations are recommended for you and we report to the California Immunization Registry to keep all your records up to date.

Medication Synchronization

We line up your medications to be filled at the same time. This allows everyone to be on the same page.

Medication Reconciliation

It’s important to make sure that what your supposed to be taking matches with what you’re taking.

Adherence Packaging

Sometimes medication regimens can get complicated or if you’re a facility you need tracking and accountability. We can pack the pills for you. If you’re a plan, we can help you with your PDCs or other quality metrics.


Long-Term Care

We can provide services to a variety of LTC settings. We can bubble-pack those meds for you, and get you the right centrally stored medication records and MAR forms so that you can focus less on Title 22 and more on taking care of your patients.

LIC 622 Centrally Stored Medication and Destruction Record

Addiction / Rehabilitation

Finding a competent pharmacy for these services isn’t easy. That’s because from start to finish, these services are multifaceted and can be complicated. We can help will all your levels of care: Detox, Residential, PHP, & IOP


We take care of our patient right up to the end. We recognize the special care and flexibility that’s needed for hospice care. Whether it’s a comfort kit, bubble-pack, stat order, or delivery we can help with that.

Comprehensive Medication Management

Choosing your pharmacy is more than just handing them a prescription. We can get granular and help improve outcomes and quality of life by working with your prescriber to fine tune your treatment plan and help you achieve your health goals.


Can’t make it to the pharmacy. We offer free home delivery and curbside delivery. In a bind, we can make arrangements to deliver it to your work.

Point of Care Testing

Sometimes it’s hard getting into a lab. Our pharmacy is CLIA-waived laboratory. We are able to perform some test onsite including HbA1c, Cholesterol, and also, a rapid COVID-19 antigen, PCR, and Flu.

Diabetes Self-Management Education

Diabetes feels complicated to manage, but with a little education and knowledge, you can make it easy. Our ADCES accredited service is covered by Medicare and some insurance plans.

Psychiatric Long-Acting Injectables

Often times, it’s hard to coordinate injections with offices and clinics. Sometimes, you just need someone in the area that is experienced in providing these injections. We’ll send your prescriber notification of injection so everyone is on the same page.